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Malaysia Drone Chamber Of Commerce & Industry [MDCoCI]


Nurturing Malaysia’s Drone Industry Ecosystem


Document January, 2024

Compiled by MDCoCI Committee


Malaysia Drone Chamber Of Commerce & Industry [MDCoCI] PPM-023-10-17112023  1

1.      PREAMBLE  4

About MDCoCI 4

2.      OUR PEOPLE  5

Our Board  5

Senior Leadership Team   6

Policy & Public Affairs 6

Communications 6

Membership  6

Corporate Partnerships 7

Trade Facilitation  7

Chamber Customs 7

Finance & Operations 7

3.      ORIGIN HISTORY   8

4.      VISION & MISSION   9

4.1        Vision  9

4.2        Mission  9

4.3        Values 9

4.4        Team Qualifications 9

4.5        Success Stories 10

4.6        Technology Partners 11

4.7        Strategy Partner 12

5.      OBJECTIVES & GOALS  13

Priorities 14

6.      STRATEGIES  15

Drone’s Hardware  15

Drone’s Software  15

Drone’s Backend Engineering Expert 15

6.1        Project & Activities 16

7.      GOALS & OBJECTIVES  17

7.1        Goals of the Project 17

8.      MEMBERSHIP  18

Beta Version of Customized Monthly Fees and It’s Benefits by Circle  19

Membership Categories 20



11.        ABOUT MDCoCI Logo  25

Article in English Language  25

Article in Malay Language  25

12.        ROS Certificate  26

13.        CONTACTS  27

ANNEXURE A, Members Meetings Photo Nov 2023  28

ANNEXURE B, Certificate of Partnership  29



About MDCoCI


MDCoCI is the Unique network of businesses related to Drone and its relevant technologies across Malaysia and around the world.

Trusted champions of businesses, places, and global trade. Together, we represent thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We also have a powerful international Network with almost covering all continents across the globe, G2G, Chambers of Commerce and business groups located in every continent of the world and directly linked to MDCoCI.

Working together, we help firms of all sizes to achieve more. We believe it’s our relationships with others that lead us to achieve goals. Businesses build relationships on every level, in every region.

Our network exists to support and connect companies, bringing together firms to build new relationships, share best practice, foster new opportunities and provide practical support to help member businesses trade locally, nationally and globally. Because we sit at the heart of local business communities in every part of Malaysia, we are uniquely placed to help businesses of every size and sector to thrive. This includes the active role Chambers and their members undertake to improve the local business environment and communities in which they work.

Accredited Chambers of Commerce also provide a respected voice to the business communities they represent, ensuring their priorities and concerns are heard in the corridors of power. Our opinions are regularly sought by policymakers and parliamentarians and we’ve been helping to shape Malaysia's Drone Ecosystem.

Membership Inquiry & Registration Process




We are Malaysians who represent East & West Malaysia from every type of community from various land, island locations across the sea including Borneo Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan, Langkawi and even Carey Island, with enthusiasm to build a legacy in Drone and Technology Industries.  Founders are renowned in ancient science matching modern innovation. Cofounders are uniquely excellent in each of their entrepreneurship.  Founding members with inspiration to nurture these industries directly to Malaysians and as part of Nobel sharing to the world about Drone & related business and consumer communities.

Our Board

Board members are volunteers who intend to provide resources such as quality time, advisory and management of our MDCoCI Operations.  Widely known as committee members of the organization.

Honorable President                              : Mr. Shanmugam S.Thanggavilo (Cyberjaya, Selangor)

Honorable Founder & Chief Advisor      : Mr. Elanggovan Thanggavilo (Melaka, Selangor)

Honorable Secretary                              : Mr. Richard A Zaviar (Kuala Lumpur)

Honorable Treasurer                              : Datuk Hj Abdul Rahim Hj Abdullah (Makkah, Cyberjaya)

Deputy President                                  : Mr. Ahmad Amirul Latepi (Kelantan, Pahang)

Deputy Secretary                                  : Dr. Siti Nazlina Binti Annuar (Sarawak)

Chief Policy Officer                              : Dr. Bryan Lee Boon Kiang (Pahang, Selangor)

Chief AI Officer                                    : Mr. Shaktivell M. Letchumanan (Melaka)

Chief Event Officer                               : Ms. Jeanne Loh Yuh Jiun

Chief Social Officer                              : Mr. Manimaran Ramachandran (Negeri Sembilan)

Chief Academy Officer                          : Puan Dessy Binti Tima (Sabah)

Chief Technology Officer                      : Mr. Kalaiarasan Nadaajan (Kedah)

Chief Agri Drone & Business Officer     : Mr. Mohd Nasrullah Hassan (Sabah)

Chief Training Officer                           : Mr. Nathieal Noah Immanual Jason (Perak, Selangor)

Chief Documentation Officer                 : Puan Nuur Emillia Binti Mazlan (Sarawak)

Senior Leadership Team

Chief Business Development                             : Ms. Jeanne Loh Yuh Jiun

Algorithm & Authoring Advisor                        : Ms. Vimala Thanggavilo (Selangor)

Chief Project Advisor                                        : Mr. Vadivelan Veerasinggam (Putrajaya)

Aviation Engineering Advisor                            : Mr. Vijayan K. Sathian Seelan (Selangor)

Financial Advisor                                              : Mr. Hj Suhaimi Zainol Abidin (Labuan)

Management & Administration                         : Mr. Aaron Wong Loke Kit (Selangor)

Drone & Documentary                                      : Mr. Arangkannal Raj (Johor)

Business Development                                      : Mr. Abbas Bin Mohamad Yusof (Sarawak)

Drone as a Service (DaaS)                                 : Mr. Nathanieal Noah Immanual (Perak, Selangor)

Aviation Engineering                                        : Mr. Tineshvaran Ravi (Selangor)

Professional Certified Drone Pilot                      : Mr. Nathanieal Noah Immanual Jason (Perak, Selangor)

Policy & Public Affairs

Policy & SOP                                                   : Mr. Mohd Saharin Zakaria

                                                                          Mr. Elanggovan Thanggavilo


Event & Exhibition                                           : Mr. Ahmad Nazril Bin Ahmad Kamal

Admins                                                            : Ms. Nuur Emillia Binti Mazlan


Inquiry & Registration                                      : Mr. Vadivelan Veerasinggam

                                                                          Mr. Ahmad Nazril

                                                                         Ms. Nuur Emillia Binti Mazlan

Corporate Partnerships

National & International Strategy Partnership     : Mr. Elanggovan Thanggavilo

                                                                           Datuk Hj Abdul Rahim Hj Abdullah

                                                                           Mr. Shanmugam S.Thanggavilo

                                                                           Mr. Richard A Zaviar

                                                                           Dr. Bryan Lee Boon Kiang

                                                                           Dr. Siti Nazlina Binti Annuar


Trade Facilitation

Trade & Business Networking               : Ms. Jeanne Loh Yuh Jiun

  Puan Dessy Binti Tima

                                                              Mr. Ahmad Amirul Bin Latepi

Chamber Customs

Customs & Tradition SOP                     : Mr. Richard A Zaviar

                                                              Ms. Vimala Thanggavilo

  Mr. Elanggovan Thanggavilo

Finance & Operations

Finance, Investment, Grant                    : Datuk Hj Abdul Rahim Hj Abdullah

  Mr. Elanggovan Thanggavilo

  Mr. Richard A Zaviar

  Dr. Bryan Lee Boon Kiang

  Dr. Siti Nazlina Binti Annuar


Founded by Elanggovan Thanggavilo and a team of diversified experts with Nobel intention in establishing fair business policy between all stakeholders across nations focusing on Drone and Its related technology, solutions ventures.

Cofounders are including Mr. Shanmugam S.Thanggavilo, Datuk Hj Abdul Rahim, Mr. Richard, Dr. Siti Nazlina, Dr. Bryan Lee, Puan Dessy, Ms. Vimala, Mr. Zairulizam, Ms. Guhasakthy, Mrs. Selvajoti. Mr. Vadivelan, Mr. Ahmad Amirul, Ms. Chellam, Ms. Sivagami, Mr. Abbas, Mr. Shaktivell, and Mr. Kalaiarasan.

Founding members are Mr. Vijayan, Mr. Saharin, Ms. Jeanne Loh Yuh Jiun , Mrs. Emillia, Mr. Manimaran, Mr. Arangkannal, Mr. Allex, Mr. Ahmad Nazril, Mr. Kumerasan, Mr. Tineshvaran, and Mr. Nathanieal, Mr. Zainuddin, Mr. Nasrullah.

Supported by all major government authorities of Malaysia.

Led by Premier Industry Leaders.

Corporate Founding Members are including HiiLSE Drone, HiiLSE Global Sdn. Bhd.,

DAR iHsan Bhd, Global Visionary Pen Legacy, Primar Maju Sdn. Bhd. Oliver Tech Academy TVET, UYP Centrium (M) Sdn. Bhd., D5 Technologies, Blueeye


Fair and Balance Organization Policy is our Culture and Tradition Embedded as Core Values of MDCoCI Operation Model

To all Malaysians of all states, especially welcoming native citizens to position yourself in our HQ BOD, Chief Management, and Focus Area Project Leadership according to your qualification and/or experience to serve the industry.    We are opening branches across Malaysia. If you are located in different states contact us to represent and activate the MDCoCI branch & Drone Industry Ecosystem mission in your area.

We welcome more individuals from each state, island and region to be our core team to best represent the localized Drone community to enable right voice for MDCoCI highlights and enable commercial or financial sharing advantages for greater proportion of wealth distribution at deeper level.

Note : There are some content being updated, contact MDCoCI Admin latest info.



    1. Vision

Nurturing Malaysians to be successful Drone & related technology entrepreneurs, in Malaysia, Regional and Globally.

    1. Mission

Provide Drone ecosystem support and contribute to establish 100 drone & related technology companies by 2026 each of the company generating RM100,000,000.00 revenue with comfortable 30% profits.

    1. Values

Intrinsic Methodology

    1. Team Qualifications

Combined of all Chiefs accumulative of 390 years and above multiple domain expertise to serve niche prime first class advisory for Drone & Related Technologies.

Drone * Technologies * Psychology * AI * ML * Cyber Security * Urban Drone Airport * UTM * GIS * Drone Detect * Authoring Algorithm * Finance * Investment * Business Development * IPO * Grant * Documentation * ISO * Aviation * TVET * STEM * Software * Manufacturing * Import & Export * list goes on …

    1. Success Stories

Through strategy partnership with expert companies the following are a few progressive projects.

Already obtained a 5 Days Drone Course Grant value RM48900.00 each for 19 batches to be offered to communities across Malaysia.

Digital & Drone Technology Carnival a Corporate and Community event to be launched nationwide in 19 cities.

Obtain and providing a grant of RM30,000.00 to RM90,000.00 per event city for organizing member from MDCoCI State Level.

Obtain and providing a grant of RM35,000.00 for start innovation.

Based on TLR level [1 to 9] grant for RM50,000.00  to RM500,000.00 available via special partnership with agencies.

We MDCoCI launching Drone Insurance.  Members can be Affiliate to refer to earn referral fees.

.We have about 79 over types of Financial Support contact our admins for info.


    1. Technology Partners

HiiLSE Global Sdn. Bhd. The HiiLSE Drone Malaysia

Oliver Tech Academy TVET, Kulim

Drontronix Aerovisual Ventures

NKN Solutions

Unique Yellow Pages . Com UYP Centrium


D5 Technologies

Eagle Eye Technologies

Speed Up Drone Product Development & Production with Manufacturing on Demand

Are you looking to make custom parts or prototypes for your drone?

Whether you are looking for parts for military or security drones, racing drones, or cinematic video drones,

We have technology partners has experience working to make parts for prototyping new drones, fixing broken components, optimising drone performance, and more.  We have an industrial-grade solution

Make sure you get the parts you need made to spec. We offer hundreds of materials to ensure you can get the high-strength, lightweight ones you need for your drone project.

We welcome you to be our technology partner, apply now!

More updates in progress, awaiting members updates…


    1. Strategy Partner

Primar Maju Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur

Oliver Tech Academy TVET, Kulim

DAR iHsan Bhd, Selangor

UYP Centrium (M) Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur

GVPL, Global Visionary Pen Legacy, Selangor

Copeeps Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

NKN Solution, Kedah

D5 Technologies

CN World Travel, Sabah, Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur

            We welcome you to be our strategy partner, apply now!



Our unique perspective gives us unparalleled insight into Malaysia and global business communities every sector, every size, everywhere. They trust us to be their advocates, and we’re passionate about helping them trade and grow. Working together with Chambers, Companies, Individual, Org, we drive change from the ground up and our bottom line is helping companies, places and people achieve their potential.

Please check from management and the website for latest updates.





Promote membership and provide solutions for members.

Drone’s Hardware

Speed Up Drone Product Development & Production with Manufacturing on Demand

Drone’s Software

Drone’s Backend Engineering Expert


    1. Project & Activities



    1. Goals of the Project

While lobbying and representation work is a constantly evolving series of activities aimed at representing the best interests of Malaysia business, we have a number of key campaigning areas which run throughout the year. 

These include ensuring the fundamentals of the business environment are right, enhancing the mobile and digital capabilities, and putting the practical concerns of business at the heart of every region.

Connecting bridge between all levels of Inter Organization Involvement, Engagement and Strong Communication to connect Micro to Macro Dots.

Focusing Drone & Technology, we MDCoCI will express details of national agenda from every Ministry, Agency’s Vision Mission Expose it in the form of Crystal Clear Visibilities, Diamond Sharp Focus for all category communities via mainstream media coverage including Radio, TV, News Paper, Online News, Social Media in multiple languages and releasing it at every regional localized medium including West & East Malaysia, Borneo, Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan, Langkawi and all islands.



Registration Fees                 : RM100.00                  Payable on application

Yearly Membership            : RM1,000.00                Payable on committee approval
                                            MCDoCI Gold Member for Drone

                                            MCDoCI Gold Member for Associate


Lifetime Membership          : RM10,000.00              Payable upon BOD approval

                                            MCDoCI Diamond Member for Drone

                                            MCDoCI Diamond Member for Associate

                                            MCDoCI Platinum Member for Sponsor (customized fees)

VIP Membership                 : RM60,000.00              Payable upon BOD approval
                                            (MCDoCI Platinum VIP)

   RM30,000.00  (MCDoCI Diamond VIP)

International Membership    : RM96,300.00              Payable upon BOD & Authority approval
                                            (MCDoCI Platinum International)

                                            RM60,000.00 (MCDoCI Diamond International)
                                            RM30,000.00 (MCDoCI Gold International)


Beta Version of Customized Monthly Fees and It’s Benefits by Circle






Annual strategy membership engagement consultation

Invitation to 100+ member networking and business events

Chamber Member Listing

Voucher for Members Networking Event

Share your news through our website and digital platform

Receiving newsletter

Targeted matchmaking with specific business

Highlight your business with a success showcase on our digital platform

Invitation to premier luncheon

Invitation to Chairman’s luncheon

Eligible for Nomination to BOD

Invitation to Founder’s luncheon

New Propose Ideas


Membership Categories

There are five types of membership, Premier Membership, Standard Ordinary Membership, Associate Membership, International Membership and Young Scientist Entrepreneurship Membership (YSE).


Global corporations and government agencies with all official incorporation in the local country and its relevance matching law in Malaysia, which can be approved by the Committee can be members.


Distinguished individuals can join as members with a special sponsoring level of fees. 


Any company registered and authorised to carry out business in Malaysia primarily focusing to Drone & Related business organization. A company’s Membership Category is based on its Issued Capital or number of Employees. Only the Standard Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Chamber and possibly be appointed or elected as a member of the General Committee.

Should a company qualify for more than one membership category, the membership category with a higher annual subscription will apply.


Any association, non-profit organisation, public university, or company registered outside of Malaysia. An Associate Member shall have the like rights and duties of an Ordinary Member save that it shall not be entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Chamber nor be appointed or elected as a member of the General Committee.


Young age with specific Drone and related technology invention team along with school and/or other concern monitoring with parents concerned acceptance can be members.


uProspect aware and get briefing from MDCoCI Member uRegister Online Application Form uInduction a Brainstorming session with MDCoCI Chiefs uBOD & Committee Approval uPayment from New Member uEmail the Membership & Registration Number, & Cert, Email@MDCoCI, Special Card and Other Solutionst



Involvement in Chamber activities provides access to top business leaders, key Government agencies, Minister’s and Officials.


Validation and Certification for Consumer Buying Trusted Drone Solution

Building Drone Ecosystem

Building the drone ecosystem, and creating future-ready jobs.  System connected between other Drone players to enable sharing resources such as rent and enable a part of the project to deliver the other Drone vendor with specific niche technical expertise specializing deliverable solutions.

Creating fair affordable pricing is an important consumer and  fair business policy for profitable Drone vendors for sustainability for continuous support, warranty.

Malaysia needs to intensify its manufacturing capability through either tech licensing or the adoption of tech for manufacturing on a large scale.  Each and every global Drone vendor majority providing hardware and main RC software.  We Malaysia are required to create a hub to design and create many industry based AI Dashboards which populate graphical data and AI advice from raw media capture by Drone.

As drones are gaining prominence, several sectors and industries are incorporating them into the plethora of services being offered. They are edging closer to becoming part of our daily lives.

Ecosystem concepts also are apparent in any system where there are interconnected and interdependent parts, in human systems or organizations. I posit that the “drone ecosystem” is one that is evolving at breakneck speed and is constantly changing based on how the systems react to change or disruption.


MDCoCI is regularly consulted by the Government on issues related to the Drone business community. This provides opportunities for members’ views and concerns to be heard which has led us to become the specialist serving ‘voice for business’ in Malaysia.

Issues and Problems

MDCoCI’s 8 primary councils actively monitor and pursue issues concerning Drone Technology, Grant, Environment, Expatriate Employment, Human Resources, Foreign Investment Regulations, Taxation, Energy and Infrastructure Requirements.


Business Networking

Many MDCoCI members involve themselves in Chamber activities which provide chief executives and senior management with access to the latest business information and an avenue to develop good business contacts nationally and internationally.

Transforming Drone Business to World Class

MDCoCI provide various source document templates with specific consultancy customized for each member company, including professional documentation, branding SOP, financial forecast worksheet, pitch deck ppt, grant proposal, acquiring technology partnership, course training module validation for issuing high standard certificates for participants.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Members are listed on the Chamber master directory on the MDCoCI Website at The MDCoCIM eEvents, a synopsis of key business events and business opportunities are issued weekly by email.


The Chamber’s Secretariat provides extensive business information service. Direct consultancy is available on most issues. The Chamber sends regular circulars to keep members abreast with changes in Government policies, regulations, directives and incentives.

Social Networking Opportunities

MDCoCI creates dynamic business connections for Members through social and business networking events throughout the year.


Members enjoy priority access to the Chamber’s reference library.

Preferential Prices

Members enjoy preferential rates for events organised by the Chamber such as business briefings and seminars and issuance of commercial documentation.


The ‘Member-Use-Member’ programme encourages members to use goods and services of member organisations.

Nurturing, Funding, Seed Fund, Angel Investor, Capital Injection and Grant

We provide a 360 degree full cycle of startups to establish world class Drone companies.  Apply for a New as well Existing Established Companies.

Other Business Groups

The Chamber serves as a link to other local and international business groups.

Endorse & Refer World Drone Technical Leaders

Partnership with University, Technology R&D Laboratory, Core Processor, Parts Manufacturers.

Sharing Facilities

Allow all level from startup Drone business entrepreneur’s access to technology and expertise i.e. IR4.0 Drone Assembly Plant, 3S, Simulation Lab, Variety of Academy & Industry Drone for Usage to develop new and existing Drone ventures.

Support Letter

The Chamber provides support letters for its Members who intend to apply for the specific requirement and it’s authority.

Gold Membership with UYP World’s First Halal AI Online Directory

Members can use personal professional and corporate promotion via 79+ uniquely designed features of social media style marketplace web app.

Read from website for latest updates



Nurturing, Funding, Seed Fund, Angel Investor, Capital Injection and Grant

We provide a 360 degree full cycle of startups to establish world class Drone companies.  Apply for a New as well Existing Established Companies.

Currently a solution provided for Malaysian Drone Entrepreneurs.

We also will offer it for other countries

Startup Drone Companies

Private Placement, Investment

Matching Angel Investors

Matching Seed Fund

Organization Team

Capital Injection

Clients and Projects

Member’s Corporate Preparation to Qualified Various Grants

Sponsorship for Drone Social Projects

Initiate Malaysian Strive to venture into R&D of products and solutions.

Prototype Customized Parts & Components Manufacturing Support.


  1. ABOUT MDCoCI Logo

Article in English Language

The logo of the organization is based on the Drone icon and the color leads to the courage to become a successful entrepreneur, especially in the Drone industry and related technologies such as AI and ML.

The "Propeller" drone gives awareness of the need to think beyond dimension to transform current knowledge to increase its higher achievements.

The bright blue color (Ocean Blue) shows the intentional professional ethics and dedication of drone entrepreneurs in research and providing values to all stakeholders and all parties.

The sturdy Bright Red Drone Frame means we always inspire courage and sincerity to energetically continue the noble endeavor to create the latest drone technology, software, AI for the market in Malaysia and also export internationally.

The Yellow circle is associated with purity, confidence, energy, joy, happiness and friendship and intellect.

The color Purple gives extraordinary meanings including wisdom, creativity, royalty, power, ambition, and luxury. It can also represent the wonders of nature, luxury, peace, pride, independence, and wealth.

Article in Malay Language

Lambang organisasi berasaskan ikon Drone dan warna menuju berani jadi usahawan berjaya khususnya dalam industri Drone dan teknologi berkenaan seperti AI and ML.

Kipas “Propeller” Dron memberi kesedaran fikiran perlu merentasi pengetahuan kini untuk meningkatkan pencapaiannya yang lebih tinggi. 

Warna Biru Terang (Ocean Blue) menunjukkan etika profesional yang berniat dan dedikasi usahawan Dron dalam penyelidikan dan memberi nilai kepada semua pihak.

Bingkai Dron berwarna Merah Terang yang teguh, bermaksud kami sentiasa mencetuskan keberanian dan keikhlasan supaya bertenaga meneruskan usaha murni bagi mencipta teknologi dron, perisian, AI yang terbaru untuk pasaran di Malaysia dan juga eksport ke antarabangsa.

Bulatan warna Kuning dikaitkan dengan kesucian, keyakinan, tenaga, kegembiraan, kebahagiaan dan persahabatan dan intelek.

Warna Ungu memberi makna yang luar biasa termasuk kebijaksanaan, kreativiti, royalti, kuasa, cita-cita, dan kemewahan. Ia juga boleh mewakili keajaiban alam semulajadi, kemewahan, keamanan, kebanggaan, kemerdekaan, dan kekayaan.


  1. ROS Certificate



Malaysia Drone Chamber Of Commerce & Industry [MDCoCI]

Meeting by Appointment at HQ or State Level

Wisma Subang Jaya, No.106, Jalan Ss 15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Honorable Founder       : MR. ELANGGOVAN  THANGGAVILO
Chief Advisor       

Honorable President      : MR. SHANMUGAM S.THANGGAVILO  

Honorable Secretary      : MR. RICHARD A ZAVIAR

Honorable Founding Member: MS. JEANNE LOH YUH JIUN
Chief Event Officer        

Honorable Treasurer      : DATUK HJ ABDUL RAHIM HJ ABDULLAH

Honorable Advisor        : DR. BRYAN LEE BOON KIANG


13. Contacts continue…

General Inquiry            :       

Membership Inquiry      :

Investors Relations        :  

PR Media                     :

MDCoCI HQ Mobile   : +6 019 657 7899 (Including WA & Social Media)

Website                  :

Important Note: Be concerned about your content matching the email address you choose to send.  All emails will be replied to by the relevant PIC and will be documented for Committee attention.

Always type your full personal info, organization info with address details of appropriate executive info for fast interaction.

ANNEXURE A, Members Meetings Photo Nov 2023

Check website for more updates


ANNEXURE B, Certificate of Partnership

Check website for more updates


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Malaysia Drone Chamber Of Commerce & Industry [MDCoCI]

Document January, 2024

Compiled by MDCoCI Committee

Happy New Year